Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Update on Hezekiah Joel-Tuesday

Sheri, "Kiah's" Grandma updated tonight: "Tuesday night, 9:22 pm. I talked with Amanda tonight. Mama of Hezekiah, she was emotional because it is hard watching "Kiah" when he gets irritated and flares around when the nurses come to do their rounds and work with him. He gets upset and starts hanging on to the tubes and acts as though he wants to pull them out. Then his breathing gets bad. Please pray for God's peace to comfort him and that he will stay calm. He is a fighter for sure! We pray that this will be used in a good way in his life. Please pray for Amanda too, she will be leaving the hospital on Wed and Kiah will stay. That is always a hard one. They have not been able to hold Kiah yet. I encouraged her to ask the medical staff if they could do this even though they told her she couldn't earlier because it would help him calm down. I give that one to the Lord too. His x-rays and blood work showed everything is ok. Praise God!"


Mama and Hezekiah

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  1. praying for lil man.. she should really look into kangaroo care in the nicu. its when you hold your baby skin to skin, its suppose to sooth them and make them feel safe its suppose to work wonders..