Saturday, December 13, 2008

My First Parental Prayer Post

In the past several weeks I have had the privilege of praying for parents who are in need of encouragement, healing, strength or comfort. I felt it was time to share their stories so that those who stop by and read these entries will also have the opportunity to pray, be encouraged and be blessed by these various people whose stories have so much depth and meaning.

Tami's daughter Madalyn age 11, has been dealing with a mysterious illness that has kept her hospitalized or on home health since August 2007. Every time they think they have a diagnosis, something else comes up and caused more symptoms. She was airlifted across the country this week in order to have more in depth specialized testing. Her symptoms include cyclic vomiting, severe muscle cramps and overall weakness. During a bit of remission, she raised several thousand dollars running in a 5K for Breast Cancer research to honor a friend she met in the children's hospital. They are a remarkable family with deep faith and weary souls. They have two other children who have also taken huge emotional hits that many families take when a sibling is so very ill. T and I have many "g-tube" discussions over the past year. Please pray for encouragement and wisdom for the Drs. The not knowing can be as painful as the illness itself.

Victoria and Justin welcomed sweet Moriah into the world early in the year. M has congenital heart defects related to Charge Syndrome. Over the past month she has endured surgeries, a collapsed lung and GI complications that cause this sweet girl severe pain. Please pray for strength, comfort and healing.

D's 17 year old daughter R was killed last March when her 15 year old boyfriend crashed while driving drunk from a party. The how and the whys are difficult enough but "the year of firsts" that so many of us who have grieved a loved one experience can be a uneasy path. When I see her there is still that empty look in her eyes that reflects the pain in her heart. Please pray for D as she moves forward towards healing.

Ashley and Todd have been chronicling the year of their sweet daughter Resse's life. Their story has been a spiritual lifeline for me the past several months. R joined her Saviour on her first birthday and her story continues to touch lives. Please continue to pray for their healing and the opportunity to minster through their experience and their love for their sweet family.

As I write this, Terri is sitting in a burn center praying over her son Jon. Jon was adopted at birth by Terri and her husband Dennis several years ago. A year later they were joined by Jon's 3 older bio siblings and two years ago they took in five foster children. Now Jon is recovering from burns and this week's skin grafts on his neck and chest. They are almost 4 hours from home and with this weekend's weather will not be joined by the family. We are hoping for some time together on Chrsitmas. There is more than anyone has time to read in a blog but please pray for their family as they rest in the Lord's promises. Also pray for financial provision, their health care will be cut off on January first and treatments will not be close to over.

Thank you for joining my in prayer for these amazing families. I know there are hundreds that I do not know. If this reminds you to pray for them as well, then please do.