Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Baby Hezekiah Update-Wednesday night 9:21 pm.

Grandma wrote: "Amanda left the hospital today. Kiah is still there stable. Thank you to everyone that is praying. We all appreciate it very much. The kids were blessed today as they were told by the Birthing Center, where they originally were to give birth, that they can stay there until Kiah is released to go home. You see the Birthing Center is a house right next to the hospital. They also were told they get all their money refunding. This will help pay for some of the hospital bills and they are waiting to hear if they qualify for Medicaid??? Kiah still gets agitated when they work with him. Luis and Amanda are doing great at comforting him by singing, holding him the best way they can and they have a small pillow that Amanda puts on her and then lays it close so he can smell her. I thought that is a great idea. He really calms down when Luis sings in Spanish to him......God Bless you!"

Please pray for financial provision, rest and continued growth for baby Kiah.

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