Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A Day Of Reflection

Today is bittersweet day for our family. It marks twenty years from the day that I became an aunt for the second time. Our sweet Katie was born on a warm August California day. For three years we enjoyed her shy smiles, bright blue eye and curly blonde hair as she enjoyed life the way every child should. Shortly after becoming a big sister (a VERY proud moment for her), she began feeling ill and was diagnosed with a rare but aggressive childhood cancer. For the next year, she put up a valiant fight. The day before she turned four, we received the news that the fight would soon be over. There was nothing left in the arsenal to destroy the horrible cells that had changed all of our lives. Over the next few months, every moment was cherished and nothing taken for granted. For the past fifteen plus years, there has not been one family gathering that she isn't missed or a birthday where she is forgotten.

Our family is not the only one who has faced or will ever face such a tragedy. Please pray for continued strength and comfort for our family and others. Pray that they will find better treatments and a cure for this dreadful disease that effects so many.

One of my favorite roles as Auntie!

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