Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Specific Requests for Kate

Kate's Mom is asking that we pray for the following:

1. Improvement in Kate's right arm and hand, as we are not seeing much at all

2. Protection from any sort of outside illness for Kate (and Aaron and I for that matter)
3. Sleep for Kate especially, as she desperately needs it to heal.
4. Wisdom for everyone involved in her care, that the best plan of action would be developed for her.
5. No, absolutely no, cancer cells in her spine.
6. Protection for Kate's hearing specificall
y during the chemo
7. Protection for Kate's kidney's during the chemo
8. That the tumor would shrink (miraculously, or through medicine)
9. That God would get glory through Kate's horrific journey
10. Kate's healing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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