Sunday, July 19, 2009

Birthday Edition

I have prayed about this and because its my birthday, I am going to take the liberty of asking that you pray for my family today. (Hey, its MY birthday, don't I get to do what I want?) Allison is in stable health at this time but my adorable husband had to leave town for work for several weeks. That means that even though I have a teenager who helps, it is nothing like having another parent here to manage her daily needs (food, baths, diapers, clothing, activities, etc.). I am not only missing my companion, I know that both of my girls feel his absence.

One more reason for this posting, I wanted to bring attention to those of you who have not walked this path of having a child with medical needs, life still goes on around us. Birthdays, anniversaries and holidays take place while our children are sick or hospitalized. The calendar doesn't stop. We learn to adjust our celebrations. In the past ten years, we have spent a July 4th, Christmas week, Valentine's day, St. Patrick's day and an anniversary sitting in our little girl's room wondering how it would turn out.

So I am asking, not just for today, but when a holiday comes along, and you are praying for the meal or the day, lift up those kiddos and families who are just hoping for a regular day let alone a holiday. One more, I am acutely aware that I my solo flight in special needs parenting is temporary, for many it is not. I am sure that they grow weary and discouraged with the daily tasks and would love your prayers as well.

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