Sunday, July 12, 2009

Prayer Focus Sunday-Madalyn

Madalyn (mentioned here) is back in the hospital and struggling with G-Tube issues which snowball into a myriad of nutrition and medication issues. She also made two visits to the OR this week which is unusual even for here! Please continue to pray for healing, answers and comfort for Dan, Tami, Paige,Evan and of course Mad. Also special prayers of blessing for Mad's Aunt Robin who has been able to step in and help the family while Dan works or takes cares of the other kiddos.

Here is a blurb from their Caringbridge page:

" Madalyn has been through so much, this illness has tested her strength (and ours!) and exposed her to more than I would ever wish for my 11 year old child. She has become mature in a way that hurts sometimes, to lose time of your childhood and the ability to be carefree hurts. She always seems to bounce back, she's very athletic and loves to run, play tennis, ride horses and swim when she is feeling good! Someday, I hope all the suffering she has endured in the last year and a half will be evident to her in her life, it will stay with her and we hope she will go on to do great things despite this uncertainty in her life. We are so grateful for our family, especially "Auntie" Robin who uses her vacation time frequently to come to our rescue."

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  1. I just got a message from Jemelene Wilson that she connected me with this blog. What a HUGE blessing. Now I will be able to pray for other children just like my two special treasures. Thanks again. Blessings.