Monday, February 13, 2012

2/13/12 Dylan Update

"We are optimistic that Dylan's infection & mental state are on the mend. His biggest issues are his weakness & refusal to eat. He's getting nutrition from a PICC line but we need him stronger before we can consider taking him home. Oleg went home to the kids tonight and heads to work tomorrow. From now on, I get Ronald McDonald all to myself:)"


"If there is one thing to know about Dylan, he will never turn down a pretty face. It took three pretty faces to get him to eat a small cup of ice cream today. It was the only thing he ate but it's progress. His spirit is back & now we just have to convince him to eat. We are turning off the nutrition tomorrow & hoping for the best. Thank you for reading my posts & checking in on his well being. It makes the four walls of a hospital room with no window feel much bigger:)"  Melissa, Dylan's amazing mom!

I was very happy to see that Dylan is sitting up! Please continue to pray!

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