Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Kate McRae on Dr. Phil

This sweet little girl we have been praying for is on Dr. Phil today. Tune in to get to know who you have been praying for!

From Kate's website: I am going to again leave some specific prayer requests... as we have seen some specifics answered this past week. Please continue to pray as always that the tumor will be completely destroyed and never return. Pray for a clean MRI in December. Pray for wisdom for Kate's Dr's and nurses as they make critical decisions and care for her during these treatments. Pray that her hearing and kidney function will continue to hold up during this next round of chemo (as this round will be rough on both). Pray for continued improvement in her neuropathy in the left hand (it is much improved already). Pray for continued strength to be regained in her right side (we had some wrist movement for the first time last week!). Pray for her protection from the various illnesses during flu season and while she is immune compromised. Pray for continued healing in her brain from the surgery and where the tumor was. Pray she will be able to continue to relearn those things lost from the tumor. Pray that her spirits will remain high despite her circumstanc
es and that she will continue to dance through the pain. That we could laugh through the heartache. And that ultimately Jesus would be glorified through a family having to live what they hoped they would never ever encounter.

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