Sunday, September 6, 2009

Sunday Prayer Focus: Cold Flu "Season"

Alli's First Day of School

Back to school brings its own risks to our families with special kiddos. Allison already has her first cold of the season. I know that to the majority of people a cold is a minor thing. For us, sometimes it is but so many times it isn't. Allison was born with a heart defect along with other medical issues that make her immune system that much more fragile. There is always that underlying concern that it could get worse. As of this morning, this is not the case for us. She is actually getting better and seems to be almost recovered.

My request this morning is for the kiddos that you have read about here or know personally. Please pray for a protection from illness. Also wisdom for parents like us who are still trying to decide what we need to do to protect our children from some of the new viral threats in the news.

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