Sunday, September 13, 2009

Prayer Focus Sunday-September 11 Reflections

This week many of us stood still for a few moments or perhaps the entire day to remember what happen to our country on September 11th eight years ago. The day that life as we knew it would change in so many ways. The majority of us returned to something very close to the normal that we knew just days before that. Those who lived near the devastation or had family members on one of those flights or in any of those buildings never returned to any semblance of normal.

Many of the families I have asked you to pray for have what I think of as their own personal 9/11. The day that their child is diagnosed or the moment the prognosis is given becomes a surreal nightmarish kind of experience with ashes and the crumbling dreams that fall around their feet. So much that they had hoped for their family is forever changed. The hopes they had for their child look nothing like they did before yet like our Nation, they have to move on. They have to get up and fight against disease. Sometimes they are surrounded and supported. Other times, in the middle of the night in a cold hospital room, they can feel so very lonely.

Today's prayer request is for the parents of the sweet children that this blog has been introducing you to each week. Scan the list of links and catch up on their stories. If you know of a family that isn't listed here, please email me their link so I can follow them too. Prayer is a powerful tool. I can't overstate the importance for our own hearts to pray for these families. To be aware of their needs and to present them to our Creator for strength and encouragement as well as healing.

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