Sunday, May 24, 2009

Prayer Focus Sunday-Memorial Edition

Although my prayer focus is generally on parents with chronically or terminally ill children, I have a lady who needs comfort. Yesterday Russ and I were inspired to visit the local Veterans Cemetery. I have never done this in the 19 years we have lived in the area but I felt moved to go yesterday. I was hoping to find the grave of a local soldier who was killed in Iraq in 2005. As I approached the newer section, an elderly lady came up to me and pointed out over the sea of flags. "Isn't that wonderful?" she exclaimed. I agreed and she asked it I was there to see anyone in particular. I shook my head "No, we are here to honor all of them. I figure that they didn't know me when they laid down their lives for my freedom so I didn't need to have someone in particular to visit".  She proceeded to tell me about her husband who passed in April. They had been married 68 years. She almost gasped "I hate being alone after all the time". She hugged me as she turned to leave and thanked me for bringing honor to those who have given so much. With both of us holding back tears, I forgot to ask her name or offer mine.

As you pray this week, think about praying for the families of countless heroes who didn't need to know your name to fight for their freedom. While you are at it, pray for the sweet widow who stopped to thank the first person she saw at a small cemetery.

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