Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day Prayer focus

Mother's Day gets a lot of attention and rightfully so. Many Mother's deserve to be honored and to have their accomplishments noticed. For first time Mother's its an especially happy day.Today I am praying for those who find Mother's Day to be a time filled with more difficult emotions.

For those whose Mother was less than honorable, this day hold feelings of regret. I have a dear friend whose Mother's actions were neglectful and at times abusive. She herself is a role model to other mothers and an encouragement to young women.

Mother's Day is also painful for those who no longer have their Mother here on earth. This is my first Mother's Day without my Mom. The approach to this day has been emotional to say the least. It won't be filled with sadness but their is no denying that its a challenging road.

For the women who have longed to have a child but motherhood has been elusive. Infertility has wounded the heart in a way that makes this day arduous. It may mark their first Mother's Day since the loss of a child or for some their 15th. They may be spending today in a children's hospital praying for the health of their sick one.

Then there are those whose mother/child relationship are estranged. A rift separates a relationship that is so easy to take for granted. Today could be a day of reconciliation or a reminder of what is being lost.

As you go about the activities of today, church, brunch, picnics and celebrations, I encourage you to be tender to those who may not be having a "Happy" Mother's Day. (I'm not suggesting that we forgo celebrating. I believe that mother's deserve honor.) I'm suggesting thoughtfulness.

On this day, Pray for the words to bring comfort. Ask the Lord to heal hearts and to give hope on this special day.

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