Sunday, June 21, 2009

Father's Day Prayers

Today I want to mention several fathers who will be blessed by your prayers today.

Dan's daughter Madalyn has spent the better part of the past two years in hospitals. Unable to eat and for the most part undiagnosed. He has spent countless days away from his wife and daughter to either work or take care of his other two children at home who are trying to keep some normalcy in their lives. Pray for blessings and continued endurance for Dan. Part of his family is away in yet another medical facility seeking answers.

Justin is Moriah's Dad. He works/lives in Southern California but travels North to visit his precious baby girl in the ICU. He adores his wife and aches for his daughter to someday be well enough to come home. Pray for Justin to be encouraged and blessed with a special moment with his sweet girl.

Todd and Adam are just two of the Dads experiencing their first Father's Day after losing a child. Both of their baby girls were born with numerous medical issues and fought hard to stay alive. They each have children still here on earth but without a doubt will be missing their sweet daughters today.

Keith who is celebrating his 19th Father's Day as a Dad but his 15th without his dear Katie whose valiant fight with cancer ended when she was only four years old.

My Dad, whose oldest son died within three days of being diagnosed with Leukemia and carried through one last wish that his little sister get married as planned less than three weeks later. Dad still speaks of Glenn with a tear in his eye and a breaking in his voice almost twenty years later.

I am aware that there are very many more Dads in any one of these situations. There are Dads serving our country in the military whose children will not give them a hug today. I am also keenly aware that there are those whose children have been blessed with health and full lives. As you celebrate today, please take a brief moment to celebrate these Dad who will forever see their role as a father in a different light. Dads who are split between home, work and the hospital trying to emotionally and financially support their families.

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