Sunday, April 26, 2009

Two Families

Even if I don't have much to say during the week I am trying to keep diligent in getting out a prayer focus every week. Mad is still having a rough time getting well enough to leave the hospital, I think they are are two weeks this time and her Mom (Tami) switched with Dad (Dan) so she could rest up. Tami went home and ended up sick in bed.

When we are praying for these sick children, please remember to pray for their parents health as well. It is so easy to get run down and ill.

Moriah finally had her tracheotomy on Thursday and is already doing well but so many mysteries need to be solved. On my main page you can find links to many of the families who need prayer.

I don't want to overwhelm, I just want to share the need for these families. Thank you to those who are taking the time to lift up families they may never know up close.